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Old News Archive 017: Year 2020

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January 30, 2020: Yōko (Yokyun)’s Pendant:

[Jpeg Image]

January 14, 2020: The Elilin Logo from Idol Densetsu Eriko (left) & the Yokyun Logo from Idol Tenshi Yōkoso Yōko. The two are sister anime created by the same company, directed by the same person.

[Jpeg Image]

The Elilin Logo has three variations, where the small star (“comet”) is red, blue, or green. Eriko has three pendants like this, and tends to wear the red version when she tries to encourage herself, the blue version when she tries to relax. The green version seems to mean “love” as in “family love.” The meaning of the three versions are never explained, though. The Yokyun Logo, on the other hand, has three small stars in itself, and this logo is usually placed in a red hexagram (see the image below). Yōko explains what the three stars stand for: “Wishing,” “Coming true,” and “Shining.”

Unlike in Eriko (which is a traditional, solid show), the theme is expressed symbolically in Yōko: you can fly, if you want to [in other words, “If you move forward, you move forward. If you don’t, you don’t”]. In the Yōko universe, persons or things literally fly, not because someone uses magic, but because they believe that is possible. For an average person, Yōko may be overly whimsical and a bit surrealistic, while Eriko may be overly dramatic, sometimes a bit gloomy. If you are looking for unusual or eccentric shows, you might find Eriko and/or Yōko interesting. If you are looking for less edgy and more family-friendly shows, Sweet Mint and Mary Bell from the same anime studio are highly recommended.

January 12, 2020: Hoshikuzu (a QCer for Gyu4, a typesetter for Gyu5–8) is back; now editing Gyu9.

January 8, 2020: One typo was found in GfW48 RC5 (a regression in RC4), and was already fixed in RC6. Probably we will release this in a few days, possibly tomorrow night (UTC).

We wish you a happy new year!


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