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Old News Archive 017: Year 2020

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May 1, 2020: GfW49 RC7 was created. We have broken our record for release candidates (RCs) — we sometimes make RC6, but have never gone to RC7 before! (In case you’re wondering what kind of revisions we are making in each RC, here’s gfw49-rc3rc7diff.txt.) We’re planning to release GfW49 tomorrow (May 2) around noon UTC.

April 30, 2020: A release-blocking problem was found in GfW49 RC4 [“-san” was missing in one place], and RC5 was created. Then the translator made a few minor revisions, and RC6 was created. Currently we can release files only on weekends, as rctgamer3 doesn’t have time on weekdays. So we’re planning to release GfW49 this weekend (May 2 or May 3) with a few minor tweaks to RC6 (i.e. RC7 will be the final). Sorry this is taking so long.

April 19, 2020: Finally GfW49 (RC4) has been encoded, with about five minor revisions in the softsub part and one minor tweak in the hardsub part. Maybe this is final and will be released shortly. Maybe not. We’ll see.

April 2, 2020: GfW49 and 50, especially 49, are practically ready to release. However, the person who usually does final-checking and releasing (rctgamer3) is currently being MIA [PS: he’s just busy irl]. GfW51 (RC1) has been typeset.

March 29, 2020: GfW49 (RC3) was re-encoded with one additional revision (just one comma).

March 25, 2020: GfW49 (RC3) was encoded, near (if not) the final; 11 lines revised since RC2. GfW50 (RC3) was also encoded yesterday (~40 changes).

March 18, 2020: GfW49 (RC2) was encoded.

March 16, 2020: GfW49 (RC2) is half ready. There are still a few things to be decided.

March 11, 2020: Gyu08 (RC3) is almost ready to encode. We can release it when encoded, unless problems are found in final-checking. There have been 3 revisions since Feb 29 (Mar 7, Mar 9, Mar 11) to tweak a few lines. Perhaps we are a bit too careful, even though because of that we can avoid typos, inconsistencies, grammatical mistakes, and awkward expressions. Recently, in both GfW and Gyu, translation is relatively fast (which is good) but editing/checking/updating is still slow. On the positive side, this gives our translators more free (waiting) time, during which something creative may be done (like helping Stardust with Sweet Mint).

Both GfW49 and 50 have been carefully QCed by multiple QCers. While most lines are already accurate meaning-wise, we can rephrase some of them so that they may sound better. There are several good suggestions in the QC memos, and hopefully GfW49 (RC2) will be ready this coming weekend or around Monday (Mar 16), based on those suggestions. The good news is, the hardest part is already over — namely, translating/typesetting the on-screen newspaper pages in Episode 49.

March 2, 2020: Goldfish Warning! (GfW) Episode 49 “Beware of the School Newspaper / Bad Ox Becomes Good” was typeset and test-encoded as RC1. Though the script (translated text) was created two weeks ago (Feb 18), typesetting took two weeks because the episode has a lot of on-screen text, including four different newspaper pages. This may be the hardest GfW episode to typeset. Anyway, the GfW project is now progressing steadily, faster than before: Episodes 49, 50, 51 are all more or less ready.

We are now more active because a new member, Kaze, joined us in December, 2019; and also Hoshikuzu came back in January, 2020. Kaze is an experienced translator previously working for HnK, who can also edit and QC. Hoshikuzu is the leader of Stardust Fansubs, who had helped us with Gyu before, but was MIA. Stardust Fansubs itself had been inactive for many years — but it’s active again. Stardust and Honobono are now helping each other. In this way Sweet Mint, one of the many projects of Stardust Fansubs, is also soon to be resumed.

HCR is currently being stalled (the editor is not around, perhaps too busy with IRL). If you like HCR and can edit it, please contact us.

[Jpeg Image]

↑ The new Hime-chan no Ribon tankōbon published in 2017, containing five short stories released in 2015–17 and omake pages. Himeko is still a middle schooler but now about to graduate. The human double (as in Daichi for Kamiru, Hibino for Roberia, etc.) of Sei appears.

February 29, 2020: An updated ASS file (RC3) for Fushigiboshi no ☆ Futagohime Gyu! Episode 8 was tentatively created. If approved, it’s ready to encode, and hopefully we can release the newly created video (RC3).

February 18, 2020: GfW49 has been translated. Since GfW50 is already semi-ready and GfW51 has been translated too, we should be able to release a few GfW episodes one after another, relatively quickly — quickly for honobono, that is. GfW1 was released 15 years ago in 2005 — that’s so ridiculous it’s almost impressive! The next release is probably Gyu8, though, as it’s now near RC3.

February 8, 2020: Goldfish Warning! (GfW) Episode 50 will probably become ready to release this month. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Episode 49 has not yet been translated at all. This happened because the two episodes were assigned to different translators and, as it turned out, the translator for 50 is faster and much more motivated [Ep 51 has been already trasnalted too!] while the translator for 49 is a busy person. Nevertheless, chances are Ep 49 will be ready in March, and we can still maintain the average release speed of about 1 GfW Ep per month — which is good enough for honobono, especially considering that a few months ago we were not even sure if we could continue GfW. (PS: GfW49 was reassigned to a different translator on February 9, 2020.)

As for Mahō no Angel Sweet Mint, perhaps Stardust Fansubs will be able to resume the project. It’s a relaxing good show, an elder sister of Mary Bell, created by the same anime studio. Since it’s not our project we can’t promise anything about it nor can we control it, but the show itself is a good one — warm and fuzzy. For those who only watched the first few episodes of Sweet Mint: it becomes more interesting starting around Episode 13. As Mint says in the preview of the next episode, otanoshimi ni ne!

Our Gyu! releases may or may not become faster. This one is a bit iffy.

HCR is currently being stalled (the editor is not around, perhaps too busy with IRL). If you like HCR and can edit it, please contact us.

[Jpeg Image]

↑ The new Hime-chan no Ribon tankōbon published in 2017, containing five short stories released in 2015–17 and omake pages. Himeko is still a middle schooler but now about to graduate. The human double (as in Daichi for Kamiru, Hibino for Roberia, etc.) of Sei appears.

January 30, 2020: Yōko (Yokyun)’s Pendant:

[Jpeg Image]

January 14, 2020: The Elilin Logo from Idol Densetsu Eriko (left) & the Yokyun Logo from Idol Tenshi Yōkoso Yōko. The two are sister anime created by the same company, directed by the same person.

[Jpeg Image]

The Elilin Logo has three variations, where the small star (“comet”) is red, blue, or green. Eriko has three pendants like this, and tends to wear the red version when she tries to encourage herself, the blue version when she tries to relax. The green version seems to mean “love” as in “family love.” The meaning of the three versions are never explained, though. The Yokyun Logo, on the other hand, has three small stars in itself, and this logo is usually placed in a red hexagram (see the image below). Yōko explains what the three stars stand for: “Wishing,” “Coming true,” and “Shining.”

Unlike in Eriko (which is a traditional, solid show), the theme is expressed symbolically in Yōko: you can fly, if you want to [in other words, “If you move forward, you move forward. If you don’t, you don’t”]. In the Yōko universe, persons or things literally fly, not because someone uses magic, but because they believe that is possible. For an average person, Yōko may be overly whimsical and a bit surrealistic, while Eriko may be overly dramatic, sometimes a bit gloomy. If you are looking for unusual or eccentric shows, you might find Eriko and/or Yōko interesting. If you are looking for less edgy and more family-friendly shows, Sweet Mint and Mary Bell from the same anime studio are highly recommended.

January 12, 2020: Hoshikuzu (a QCer for Gyu4, a typesetter for Gyu5–8) is back; now editing Gyu9.

January 8, 2020: One typo was found in GfW48 RC5 (a regression in RC4), and was already fixed in RC6. Probably we will release this in a few days, possibly tomorrow night (UTC).

We wish you a happy new year!


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