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8 May 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 03 is Out

Check out the BT page. There is a super fast bot waiting for you in the channel too. Read more about it and feel free to join the chan. It is worth trying even if you are new to IRC, and it's actually easy too.

In case you didn't know yet, we put a short essay about the 3 different drawing-styles in "Goldfish Warning!" a few days ago. It might be an interesting reading if you are a big fan of this show.

5 May 2005 - Powerful XDCC Bot (Updated #3)

We have now [HB]SuryeBot in #honobono, providing many files including the ones that are not on the BT page.

This is the current list. (More files to be added.)

 **  Tokyo Mew Mew, Goldfish Warning!, Rizelmine II, Mary Bell, served by Surye  ** 
 **  79 packs  **   6 of 10 slots open, Max: 640.0KB/s, Record: 640.6KB/s
 **  Bandwidth Usage  **  Current: 636.3KB/s, Cap: 3200.0KB/s, Record: 1259.4KB/s
 **  To request a file, type "/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #x"  ** 
 **  To request details, type "/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc info #x"  ** 
 #1   30x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 01 (892F54BD)
 #2   33x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 02 (1A85EDE1)
 #3   49x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 03 (C564F8FD)
 #4   17x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 01 [DEA25D32]
 #5   14x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 02 [D9EDB0BD]
 #6   16x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 03 [C7822E19]
 #7   21x [199M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 04 [AonE] [1B8F375D]
 #8   19x [202M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 05 [AonE] [1F0AECCC]
 #9   21x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 06 [AonE] [FC909340]
 #10  20x [202M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 07 [AonE] [1D0A484A]
 #11  15x [182M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 08 [AonE] [38203D1D]
 #12  17x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 09 [AonE] [E665812A]
 #13  15x [181M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 10 [AonE] [F48385A9]
 #14  14x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 11 [AonE] [7D74818F]
 #15  14x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 12 [AonE] [75D8385D]
 #16  13x [207M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 13 [AonE] [A7EB08DB]
 #17   9x [181M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 14 [6DF76B95]
 #18  11x [203M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 15 [60F5337A]
 #19  14x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 16 [F3577BCC]
 #20  12x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 17 [72F49B3E]
 #21  10x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 18 [49013D06]
 #22  11x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 19 [83354F2D]
 #23  12x [171M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 20 [0A44A127]
 #24   8x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 21 [26AEF6F0]
 #25  11x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 22 [A162616E]
 #26   7x [175M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 23 [ABEC6B4F]
 #27   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 24 [86031593]
 #28   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 25 [AB284773]
 #29   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 26 [A70846FF]
 #30   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 27 [2D51DA60]
 #31  10x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 28 [38C4AA5B]
 #32   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 29 [47A461B0]
 #33  13x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 30 [F2FEB2FF]
 #34   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 31 [9C6CC8C8]
 #35   8x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 32 [AC1AF881]
 #36   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 33 [5046460C]
 #37   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 34 [67137BBD]
 #38   8x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 35 [50942EAC]
 #39   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 36 [54E81C9F]
 #40   7x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 37 [70CBDD9C]
 #41   7x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 38 [55DC8B65]
 #42   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 39 [B7E7F8B2]
 #43   7x [235M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 40 [E7C9C2CA]
 #44   6x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 41 [F4974993]
 #45   5x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 42 [651442E5]
 #46   5x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 43 [2415CF91]
 #47   8x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 44 [D898F386]
 #48   8x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 45 [E4E0A2FB]
 #49  26x [228M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 46 [213AF7DC]
 #50   7x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 01 (690F0A6B)
 #51   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 02 (CDA6B9CD)
 #52   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 03 (9A432542)
 #53   1x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 04 (90C11397)
 #54   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 05 (DBA7656B)
 #55   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 06 (80E48D1F)
 #56   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 07 (9755ADC2)
 #57   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 08 (08108D42)
 #58   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 09 (BA7F16E8)
 #59   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 10 (DDAC1C77)
 #60   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 11 (AB954B25)
 #61   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 12 (500F2249)
 #62   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 13 (9D75AF88)
 #63   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 14 (CFC4C9FE)
 #64   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 15 (CB27469B)
 #65   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 16 (BBE55078)
 #66   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 17 (3C0D704E)
 #67   8x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 18 (BB95EAC3)
 #68   5x [139M] Rizelmine II - 01 [29B6C1E2]
 #69   2x [133M] Rizelmine II - 02 [BDAE5588]
 #70   2x [140M] Rizelmine II - 03 [10347B2F]
 #71   1x [139M] Rizelmine II - 04 [F9EDDBF2]
 #72   1x [133M] Rizelmine II - 05 [938E0129]
 #73   2x [133M] Rizelmine II - 06 [AB39C416]
 #74   2x [134M] Rizelmine II - 07 [60A21275]
 #75   2x [140M] Rizelmine II - 08 [65409B96]
 #76   2x [139M] Rizelmine II - 09 [B8E88F44]
 #77   3x [140M] Rizelmine II - 10 [7A7DB133]
 #78   1x [133M] Rizelmine II - 11 [B4475A6E]
 #79   2x [134M] Rizelmine II - 12 [EAA7BE6A]
 **  Packlist: http://hobo.datamachine.net/hobo.txt  ** 
Total Offered: 15140.3 MB  Total Transferred: 136.74 GB

This is a bot, and you can use it very easily.

First, join #honobono at irc.aniverse.com. Let's say you want
#3 49x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 03 (C564F8FD)
then, type
/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #3
That's it. (Hit [Enter] or the return key to send that command to the channel. Don't hold [Ctrl] when you do that.) On some IRC clients, "copy and paste" doesn't work. In that case, you should type manually, letter-by-letter:
/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #X

X is the number of the pack you need. Note that the command begins with a slash (/), with no preceding spaces. The number X may change when files are added or removed, so you should check the most up-to-date list before requesting.

New to IRC? IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk. (NOTE: You can talk with other people in the channel, but that doesn't mean you must talk. In fact, most users are there without talking anything. Some of them are "lurking." Such a behavior is totally okay, and actually very usual on IRC.)

Read "What is IRC?" Basically, like you use a broswer like Firefox or Internet Explorer to browse webpages (i.e. to use HTTP servers), you need an IRC client like mIRC, Chatzilla, etc to use IRC servers. They are not difficult to use. Read the step-by-step guide, How to install mIRC.

The server we are using is irc.aniverse.com, and the channel name is #honobono.

27 April 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 02 Released

*happy happy happy*

Check the Kin-Chuu page too (though not updated yet).

26 April 2005 - TMM46 Released

Get it from the BT page or join the chan. We put some pics from Ep. 46 on the TMM page.

24 April 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew Fandub (blooper real)

This fandub (check the fandub section at Neko-Tokyo) is not our project (although possibly based on our script), but is interesting.

I happened to get a WMV clip called bloopers_01.wmv, where someone (obviously not a Japanese speaker) was trying hard to sing TMM ED. fandub_kara.zip (3.2MB)

22 April 2005 - Honobono Forum Back

Our small & cute forum @ datamachine.net is back now. Visit and join now!


21 April 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 18

We have just released Floral Magician Mary Bell 18. Get it from the BT page or join the chan.

15 April 2005 - ffdshow-20050406 (version Apr 15 2005) by celtic_druid

Do not use ffdshow-20050328 or ffdshow-20050406 (v1). They are probably problematic. Recommended builds are ffdshow-20050312 or ffdshow-20050406 (v2) by Celtic_Druid.

You might want to update your DirectX 9.0c too, although this is not a must.

If your CPU is fast enough, try and use RGB32 true color output for the best quality possible when you watch anime. This short guide explains what the problem is and how you can solve it.

14 April 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 01 Released

A new project--Goldfish Warning! or きんぎょ注意報! Kingyo Chuuihou (Kin-chuu). Read Carlos Ross's nice review, and check animenfo.

Apparently the animators who made Sailor Moon were huge fans of this show. Visit this quickly-made page and check out some of the hidden references in Sailor Moon.

This show, based on 猫部ねこ Nekobe Neko's manga, was first aired in 1991.

Get it from the BT page or from the chan. We have a fast bot, jouji-serv. Enjoy!

13 April 2005 - Spanish Wata-Kuni Fanpage (Updated #2)

The Star of Cottonland (SoC), or Wata no Kuni-Hoshi (Wata-Kuni) is our current multisub project.

Current Status: eng 100%, spa 100%, rus 60%, fre 50%, fin 35%, dut 15%, ger ?, nor ? (If you would like to add your language, please feel free to talk to an Op in the chan.)

We've added a small fanpage in Spanish.

13 April 2005 - Aniverse Not Stable

Apparently irc.aniverse.com has been unstable since around 07:30 UTC, 13 April 2005.

Check the Details of IRC network 'Aniverse'.

As of now (09:33 UTC), I can get on the server.

13 April 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 46?

It's not like we forgot TMM. The editor who was supposed to edit tmm46 happens to be very busy now, but tmm46 is already translated 100% and (roughly) edited anyway. Should be coming before long.

9 April 2005 - Goldfish Warning!

We have just started a new project--Goldfish Warning! or きんぎょ注意報! Kingyo Chuuihou (Kin-chuu). Read Carlos Ross's nice review, and check animenfo.

Apparently the animators who made Sailor Moon were huge fans of this show. Visit this quickly-made page and check out some of the hidden references in Sailor Moon.

3 April 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 17

Get it from the BT page or join the chan (we have a fast bot now).

3 April 2005 - Highest Quality Playback: How?

Quite a few people use Media Player Classic (MPC) in the "VMR 9 (renderless)" mode on Windows 2000. VMR 9 is high quality, with very powerful softsub support, but you have to customize the ffdshow settings to get the best result in this mode.

If you use the default settings, probably the colors you see are not correct--hazy and grayish.

This guide explains how to customize ffdshow to faithfully reproduce the colors in MPC's "VMR 9 (renderless)" mode on Windows 2000.

Highest Quality Playback using the "VMR 9 (renderless)" mode

1 April 2005 - Aniverse is Up Again (Updated)

The server irc.aniverse.com was down for 9 hours on 1 April 2005. It is now back again (for the current status, check Details of IRC network 'Aniverse'. ), but you must re-register your nick.

Furthermore, the access lists are gone, which means, ChanServ won't AutoOp/AutoHop/AutoVoice you anymore even though you were originally in the access list. This problem should be fixed sooner or later by re-registering the data manually.

-Pomax- To everyone currently connected: While it isn't clear why, an intentional reboot has resulted in the services databases being destroyed. For all intents and purposes this should have been impossible, but that doesn't help us now. You'll have to reregister your channels and nicknames. For those that needs ops in their channels, you can reach us in #help.

Welcome to the aniverse server help channel. To put your minds less at ease, we lost all the services databases. We don't know why, and we can't explain it. What we can do is help you reclaim your channels. This is not an april's fool.

27 March 2005 - frame-by-frame retouching samples

We are using DVD raws for Floral Magician Mary Bell, but DVD itself is not very HQ--actually quite noisy. Can't be helped. This show is from 1992. So, for the highest quality possible, all the frames are checked and, if needed, manually retouched. Usually a few hundreds frames / ep are more or less retouched.

Read more about How Crazy A Fan Could be

24 March 2005 - The Star of Cottonland (Updated #4)

We are multisubbing The Star of Cottonland (綿の国星 Wata no Kuni-Hoshi), charming anime about a kitten who thinks she is a little girl. Read more about it.

There are going to be at least English, Russian, and Spanish subs, and probably Finnish, French, German, and Italian subs, and possibly Dutch, Slovak, and Norwegian subs too. (If you are interested in adding your language, please talk to an OP in the channel.)

24 March 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell::Cosplay

Here's a quickly made page of a few, nice Mary Bell cosplay photos.

Apparently, the cosplayer is from Chinese-speaking area, and nicked よちよちG3 (Yochi Yochi G3). She did a great job.

1 March 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 16 is Out

It was finally released. Also enjoy some pics from mb16.

23 Feb 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 45

is Out

Who is "the Blue Knight" (ao no kishi)?! One thing that is sure is he is not Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. ...Eh?
Enjoy some pics from ep.45 (no spoilers).

30 Jan 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 44

is Out.

Some pics from ep.44.

21 Jan 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 15

is Out.

some pics from mb15.

10 Jan 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew Extra

xagnam now has torrents for the TMM textless (creditless) OP, and the high-quality karaoke clip ("Glider," the inserted song for ep.43).

8 Jan 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 43

Happy new year!

We upped some pics from tmm43 here:

By the way, we recommend to use ffdshow or XviD 1.0.3 even for DivX. Basically, DivX 5 is spyware, and problematic in many ways. Try to avoid using it.

Check the torrents page for the video file.

8 Dec 2004 - Tokyo Mew Mew 42

Tokyo Mew Mew - 42 - Zakuro's Dilemma: Only Four Mew Mews Now? is out.

4 Dec 2004 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 14

Floral Magician Mary Bell - 14 - Bongo's Mother's Day Gift (Hana no Mahou-tsukai Mary Bell / First Aired on: 4 May 1992)

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