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9 July 2005 - Sabbu 0.2.5 is out

Sabbu is a most promissing post-SubStationAlpha timing tool.

Summary of changes:

If you have problems with non-English characters in your script on Sabbu, use our fix: Sabbu-i18n-Fix.zip

Overwrite \Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\etc\pango\pango.aliases by our pango.aliases. If the problem is not fixed, overwrite \Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrc by our gtkrc. If you prefer a larger fontsize, use gtkrc in font-size-larger.

Our "pango.aliases" file is optimized for the typical case (Unicode SSA/ASS including some Japanese). If Chinese or Korean is more important than Japanese for your job, edit your pango.aliases and use this line:

# Only if Chinese or Korean is more important than Japanese
Tahoma = "Tahoma,browallia new,mingliu,simhei,gulimche,msgothic,latha,mangal"

If you get Japanese UI for Sabbu, and want to change it to English UI, use: Start | Programs | GTK+ Runtime Environment | Select language.

7 July 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 48

Yes. It's out.

3 July 2005 - New ffdshow (experimental)

ffdshow-20050703.exe for testing.

ffdshow-20050703MSVC71.exe for testing.

1 July 2005 - New ffdshow (experimental)

ffdshow-20050701.exe for testing.


 fixed few possible crashes when processing small images
 fixed memory leak in subtitles reader,
 positional controls apply to embedded bitmap subtitles
 Italian translation by Dario Brama
 smoothing method and scale apply to embedded bitmap subtitles,
 SSE2 32-bit to 16-bit integer samples conversion
 SSE2 original and avih noise
 SSE2 SPP store_slice

Probably the last build from me [celtic_druid] for a month.

30 June 2005 - New ffdshow (experimental)

ffdshow-20050630.exe for testing.

    * fixed ICL 9 compilation (ffdshow.ax compiled with ICL9 to)
    * updated libavcodec
    * faster h264 deblocking,
    * updated x264 - custom quantization matrices (not supported by libavcodec yet)
    * saving of JM quant tables
    * removed min_order and max_order,
    * GCC hash_map implementation, the old one was buggy
    * adaptive FFT length in convolver depending on impulse file number of samples
    * SSE2 avisynth yuy2 <-> yv12 conversion
    * SSE2 bitmap blending and soften
    * SSE2 colourize
    * SSE2 gradual denoise
    * SSE2 hue and saturation
    * SSE2 luminance offset and gain
    * SSE2 mplayer noise
    * SSE2 unsharp
    * SSE2 warpsharp bump
    * recreate configuration pages when changing presets
    * working on direct communication between filters and configuration pages
    * trying to fix HW overlay filter

29 June 2005 - Hime-chan no Ribbon

Hime-chan no Ribbon (姫ちゃんのリボン, 1992) is a magical girl anime series based on a manga (by the same name) by Mizusawa Megumi (水沢めぐみ); first serialized in Ribon magazine. It is similar in genre to "Magical Stage Fancy Lala," and "Fullmoon o Sagashite."

The series stars Nonohara Himeko, a very energetic juniorhigh tomboy, whose life suddenly changes with her fateful meeting of Erika, princess of the Magic Kingdom. For Erika to eventually become Queen of the Magic Kingdom, she must create a useful magical item. And himechan, as Erika's non-magical double, is required by the laws of the Magic Kingdom to test the item. So himechan is entrusted for a period of 1 year to test a magical ribbon that can turn her into any person she wants for 1 hour. All she has to do is stand infront of a mirror and say the magic words. But it's never quite that easy. To help keep her on the right track, Himechan's oldest toy Pokota is brought to life to be her magical companion.

The series progresses as Himechan discovers ever more creative ways to get into trouble using the magic ribbon, learning a lot about herself and the people around her in the process.

Ikke ikke go go jump! (いけいけ ゴーゴー!! じゃ――――んぷっ!!)

Music for the series is done by SMAP, who even makes a few guest appearances in the anime.

28 June 2005 - Our BT Page Down but Up again

Spisoft was down for a while. Sorry for inconvenience. The tracker was still working but the HTTP server was down. The page is now back. Enjoy.

28 June 2005 - Aniverse Unstable (Fixed Already)

You couldnt't get on irc.aniverse.com since around 05:00 UTC. As of now (06:00 UTC). you can get on the server again.

26 June 2005 - USF Softsub Testing

USF is an XML-based new sub format, which you can embed in MKV as softsub. ChronoSub can save data as USF, although imperfectly.

This pic shows how <ruby> works in USF. Unlike in SSA, Ruby (aka. furigana) is structural in USF, like in XHTML.

Ruby in USF (basically same as XHTML 1.1)


Read more and get the demo clip. To play the demo, you should configure Haali Splitter, Compatibility - Autoload VSFilter - No.

22 June 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 5

...is out!

19 June 2005 - New ffdshow-20050619

ffdshow-20050619.exe for testing. 2480343 Bytes CRC=4009E3CC

15 June 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 20

20 - Friendship in the Unicycle Race

It's out. Okay, here's some friendly advice: frame-by-frame retouching is bad for your nerves, don't overdo it.

15 June 2005 - Wapiko and Gyopi from GfW 5

I found this today while working on GfW5. Wapiko's and Gyopi's facial expressions are synchronized here.

This effect reminds me of Misha and her rabbits from Pita-Ten.

14 June 2005 - More Pics from TMM

I upped old pics here for those who are interested. Yuri-ish Zakuro/Mint in tmm43 was... um... impressive. And that rainbow Karaoke, that was some work.

tmm43, tmm44

11 June 2005 - ffdshow-20050611 by Celtic Druid

ffdshow-20050611icl.exe (normal), and ffdshow-20050611msvc71.exe (MSVC version); For testing purpose only.

10 June 2005 - Tokyo Mew Mew 47 is Out

47 - The Power of Love! I will protect Aoyama-kun!!

Thank you for waiting. It's finally out. Enjoy!

Ep. 48 is almost ready too (just to encode).

9 June 2005 - ffdshow-20050609 by Celtic Druid

ffdshow-20050609.exe For testing purpose only.

8 June 2005 - Goldfish Warning! 04 is Out

4A - Takapii in Love
4B - Tea Ceremony Lesson to be Ladylike

Join the chan. We have a fast bot. Or get it via BT.

6 June 2005 - ffdshow-20050607 by Celtic Druid

ffdshow-20050607.exe For testing purpose only.

29 May 2005 - Floral Magician Mary Bell 19

19 - Camping is fun!

It's on the BT page. Join the chan and you can get it from the fast bot too.

27 May 2005 - New ffdshow #3

Two known problems in the previous build are fixed now.


24 May 2005 - New ffdshow #2

The following memo is about the newest, experimental build, ffdshow-20050510.exe.

I think it's buggy for MPEG-2. Namely, Codec - MPEG2 - libmpeg2 is broken ( - libavcodec is OK), which can be a fatal problem if you use ffdshow for MPEG2/VOB.

EDIT: Okay, I reported it to the builder, Celtic_Druid, and a few more users confirmed the problem. The fixed versioin by celtic_druid is out: libmpeg2_ff.7z. Unzip it with 7-zip and you'll get libmpeg2_ff.dll. So replace the original libmpeg2_ff.dll in the system directory with it. This is a must if you want to play your MPEG2/VOB thru libmpeg2 in this ffdshow, otherwise you might want to ignore this problem.

23 May 2005 - New ffdshow

Celtic_Druid compiled this 1 or 2 hours ago (around 3:00 UTC): ffdshow-20050510.exe. The file name says 20050510 but it's today's build.

You are free to test it, but it might be buggy. We need to test it and wait for feedbacks for a while before we say this version is okay. Please consider ffdshow-20050406.exe (celtic_druid) as the recommended version until further notice. (NOTE: There are 2 different files called ffdshow-20050406.exe, one is stable, the other is bad. To make a long story short, use our links.)

22 May 2005 - How to Display Ukagaka's Menu in English

Use SSP (a compatible platform) instead of the original Ukagaka system. Ghosts for ukagaka should run on SSP too, and the menu language is switchable in SSP. Even though this is only for menu and Ghosts speak in Japanese anyway, you can try it out as long as the menu is in English, right? ssp24f.zip 4.95MB

If I have time, I'd like to make a ghost which speaks in another language, such as in English or in Finnish.

5 May 2005 - Powerful XDCC Bot (Updated #3)

We have now [HB]SuryeBot in #honobono, providing many files including the ones that are not on the BT page.

This is the current list. (More files to be added.)

 **  Tokyo Mew Mew, Goldfish Warning!, Rizelmine II, Mary Bell, served by Surye  ** 
 **  79 packs  **   6 of 10 slots open, Max: 640.0KB/s, Record: 640.6KB/s
 **  Bandwidth Usage  **  Current: 636.3KB/s, Cap: 3200.0KB/s, Record: 1259.4KB/s
 **  To request a file, type "/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #x"  ** 
 **  To request details, type "/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc info #x"  ** 
 #1   30x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 01 (892F54BD)
 #2   33x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 02 (1A85EDE1)
 #3   49x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 03 (C564F8FD)
 #4   17x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 01 [DEA25D32]
 #5   14x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 02 [D9EDB0BD]
 #6   16x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 03 [C7822E19]
 #7   21x [199M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 04 [AonE] [1B8F375D]
 #8   19x [202M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 05 [AonE] [1F0AECCC]
 #9   21x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 06 [AonE] [FC909340]
 #10  20x [202M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 07 [AonE] [1D0A484A]
 #11  15x [182M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 08 [AonE] [38203D1D]
 #12  17x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 09 [AonE] [E665812A]
 #13  15x [181M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 10 [AonE] [F48385A9]
 #14  14x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 11 [AonE] [7D74818F]
 #15  14x [201M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 12 [AonE] [75D8385D]
 #16  13x [207M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 13 [AonE] [A7EB08DB]
 #17   9x [181M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 14 [6DF76B95]
 #18  11x [203M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 15 [60F5337A]
 #19  14x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 16 [F3577BCC]
 #20  12x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 17 [72F49B3E]
 #21  10x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 18 [49013D06]
 #22  11x [185M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 19 [83354F2D]
 #23  12x [171M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 20 [0A44A127]
 #24   8x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 21 [26AEF6F0]
 #25  11x [176M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 22 [A162616E]
 #26   7x [175M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 23 [ABEC6B4F]
 #27   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 24 [86031593]
 #28   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 25 [AB284773]
 #29   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 26 [A70846FF]
 #30   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 27 [2D51DA60]
 #31  10x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 28 [38C4AA5B]
 #32   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 29 [47A461B0]
 #33  13x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 30 [F2FEB2FF]
 #34   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 31 [9C6CC8C8]
 #35   8x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 32 [AC1AF881]
 #36   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 33 [5046460C]
 #37   8x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 34 [67137BBD]
 #38   8x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 35 [50942EAC]
 #39   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 36 [54E81C9F]
 #40   7x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 37 [70CBDD9C]
 #41   7x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 38 [55DC8B65]
 #42   7x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 39 [B7E7F8B2]
 #43   7x [235M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 40 [E7C9C2CA]
 #44   6x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 41 [F4974993]
 #45   5x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 42 [651442E5]
 #46   5x [233M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 43 [2415CF91]
 #47   8x [232M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 44 [D898F386]
 #48   8x [234M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 45 [E4E0A2FB]
 #49  26x [228M] Tokyo Mew Mew - 46 [213AF7DC]
 #50   7x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 01 (690F0A6B)
 #51   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 02 (CDA6B9CD)
 #52   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 03 (9A432542)
 #53   1x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 04 (90C11397)
 #54   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 05 (DBA7656B)
 #55   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 06 (80E48D1F)
 #56   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 07 (9755ADC2)
 #57   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 08 (08108D42)
 #58   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 09 (BA7F16E8)
 #59   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 10 (DDAC1C77)
 #60   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 11 (AB954B25)
 #61   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 12 (500F2249)
 #62   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 13 (9D75AF88)
 #63   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 14 (CFC4C9FE)
 #64   2x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 15 (CB27469B)
 #65   3x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 16 (BBE55078)
 #66   4x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 17 (3C0D704E)
 #67   8x [175M] Mary Bell (DVD) - 18 (BB95EAC3)
 #68   5x [139M] Rizelmine II - 01 [29B6C1E2]
 #69   2x [133M] Rizelmine II - 02 [BDAE5588]
 #70   2x [140M] Rizelmine II - 03 [10347B2F]
 #71   1x [139M] Rizelmine II - 04 [F9EDDBF2]
 #72   1x [133M] Rizelmine II - 05 [938E0129]
 #73   2x [133M] Rizelmine II - 06 [AB39C416]
 #74   2x [134M] Rizelmine II - 07 [60A21275]
 #75   2x [140M] Rizelmine II - 08 [65409B96]
 #76   2x [139M] Rizelmine II - 09 [B8E88F44]
 #77   3x [140M] Rizelmine II - 10 [7A7DB133]
 #78   1x [133M] Rizelmine II - 11 [B4475A6E]
 #79   2x [134M] Rizelmine II - 12 [EAA7BE6A]
 **  Packlist: http://hobo.datamachine.net/hobo.txt  ** 
Total Offered: 15140.3 MB  Total Transferred: 136.74 GB

This is a bot, and you can use it very easily.

First, join #honobono at irc.aniverse.com. Let's say you want
#3 49x [175M] Goldfish Warning! (DVD) - 03 (C564F8FD)
then, type
/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #3
That's it. (Hit [Enter] or the return key to send that command to the channel. Don't hold [Ctrl] when you do that.) On some IRC clients, "copy and paste" doesn't work. In that case, you should type manually, letter-by-letter:
/msg [HB]SuryeBot xdcc send #X

X is the number of the pack you need. Note that the command begins with a slash (/), with no preceding spaces. The number X may change when files are added or removed, so you should check the most up-to-date list before requesting.

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